Sports Bags make a great high visibility Promo Gift

A great reusable promotional product
with high visibility, that will be used
over and over again, is something
we strive for as marketers.

Displaying your branding to the general public
is always a good option.

Take for example this high quality sports bag, available in several colours,
we can have your  logo printed on the bag, and it will be used by
your customers, for football, swimming, golf etc.

This product would also suit as a reward for your employees,
to reward them for their hard work and loyalty while at the same
time helping to promote your brand.

Or even as a redemption type promotion whereby your customers spend X amount
with you and they receive a free sports bag, its just another way in which you
could utilize this Promotional item.

It’s also a unisex product as both men and women can
use it and with its large branding gets you great brand awareness with your customers.


Product specification
Large sports bag made of 600 D polyester with adjustable/detachable shoulder strap, several
Compartments and 2 handles.
Capacity 29 liters

Available in the colors shown.
Length 60 cm
Width 29 cm
Height 29 cm


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Shipping Details: This Promotional item can be shipped worldwide.

Why use these Promotional Gifts to promote your Business?

If you are looking to create a marketing strategy that is long lasting and effective,
then Promotional Gifts are a fantastic way to promote your Business.

  • By giving gifts it will generate immediate good will towards your business.
  • Branded Gifts will increase your Business profile by exposing your brand to a wider audience.
  • The promotional effect created will tend to last longer than other marketing strategies providing a positive
    return on your investment.


Our specialists service
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world to support your sales and promotion activities.

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