5 good Reasons to use Promotional Merchandise to Promote your Business

The key to creating strong brand awareness is by Gifts
repeatedly exposing your brand to your target audience.

What are promotional Gifts or Promo Gifts?

Promo Gifts are general Merchandise that is sourced
and imprinted with your Brand or logo.

An example of this would be sourcing a useful Sports Bag,
imprinting it with your logo and then handing it
out to your existing customers or potential customers as Gifts.

This might appear fruitless and costly but there is solid
research that supports the effectiveness of this strategy
in terms of Building Brand Awareness and Passive Advertising.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using Promo Gifts


1: More Effective : Promotional merchandise has been shown to be
more effective than any other form of Advertising or Marketing.

2: Low cost and scalable: Campaigns can be established at a relatively
low cost and they can grown as your needs grow.

3: Versatile : Can be tailored to suite any demographic, Inc age, gender or Industry.

4: Help Build Positive Relationships : By Providing a practical use & value they
ensure a positive lasting impression of your company in the eyes of your clients/employees or prospects

5: Greater Longevity : Over 35% of Promotional Gifts are kept for 2+ years
by their recipients, this ensures a longer lasting payback compared to other forms of traditional advertising.

In Short: They provide an effective, versatile long lasting marketing strategy,
that will raise awareness, build relationships and reward loyal customers and staff.

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