Perfect Business Gifts ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just several weeks away and if you Christmas-Promotional-Items
are an entrepreneur, now is the perfect time to
think about which Promotional Gifts you
should give to your clients as well as employees
to reward them for their custom and loyalty
throughout the Year.

Here you can choose from over 220 pages of
great Business Christmas Gift Ideas

Promo Gifts Catalogue

Tablet Computer Totes make great Promotional Gifts

Today, technology plays an important part in the lives of many people.
You can see people everywhere holding smart phones or working on their tablet computers.
The conveniences of these mobile devices are the reasons why many people  carry them wherever they go.
Thus, one of the best gifts that you can give to your clients as well as employees for Christmas are
table computer totes so that they can safely put their tablet computers while on the go.

High Quality Pens make great Promotional Gifts

One of the classic promotional gifts that never run of style each year is high quality pens.
These pens are made from stainless steel and are very lovely to look at. In fact, even if high
quality pens run out of ink, most people do not throw them away and would keep the empty
pen as a keepsake thus making them perfect holiday gifts. High quality pens can be given as
reward to your seasoned clients as well as top performing employees to
motivate them to do more for the company.

Table Clocks make great Promotional Gifts

Table clocks are also very classic promotional gifts that you can give this Christmas.
This is especially true for your employees so that they can add more décor and detail
to their work station. Moreover, clients will also be happy receiving table clocks as
holiday gifts because this kind of gift is perfect for home offices.
They also last for a long time thus making them timeless gifts that you can give to anyone.

Leather Organizers make great Promotional Gifts

Christmas is the best time to give leather organizers to your employees and clients.
Leather organizers look very elegant and classic and they are perfect promotional gifts
to your busy employees and clients.  Organizers are especially helpful if they come with
small calendars for the next year so that the recipient of these gifts will be able to
plan ahead their engagements for the following year.

Christmas Basket make great Promotional Gifts

Perhaps the most practical Christmas promotional product that you can give to your
clients and employees is a Christmas basket full of goodies. Christmas baskets are very
practical as it may contain ingredients that people can use in preparing Christmas dinner.

When giving away promotional gifts for this coming Christmas, it is important that you
give employees and clients trendy, timeless as well as practical gifts that they will be
able to use for a long time. That way, they will easily remember your business.

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Trending Promotional Gift ideas for your Business in 2014

2014 is now here and many companies Promo-Gifts
are now preparing for their promotional strategies
for the coming year. There are many promotional
items that are available in the market today
but if you want to give promotional items
that will matter in 2014 then read on.

We have assmebled a list of popular
trending promotional Gifts that you can
give to your prospect clients to
promote your business.

Technology-Related Devices
make great Promotional Gifts

The year 2014 will be the year when more and more people will rely
on computer technology thus giving things related to computers
and technology will be appreciated by many clients.

Examples of technology-related devices include stylus
pens, screen cleaners, smart phone chargers, tablet
case and Bluetooth speakers. Conventional promotional
items such as mouse pads and laptop bags
will also be popular next year.

Classic Gift Items make great Promotional Gifts

Classic gift items will still be popular next year.
Examples of classic items include coffee cups, tea
infusers and digital clocks. The best thing about these
promotional products is that they never run out of style and
that they are also very practical. Companies can never go wrong
if they give their clients these types of gift items.

Writing Materials and Stationeries make great Promotional Gifts

You can never go wrong with writing materials and stationeries such as
memo pads and customized post it notes. Although it is already modern
age, there are still many clients who love to write notes thus giving
them these types of promotional products is a great choice. However,
make sure that your writing materials and stationeries are made from
recycled materials. Apparently, there are many people who are partial
to receiving writing materials made from recycled materials as it
does not burden the planet.

Stress-Reliever Devices

As more and more people pursue their careers for the upcoming years,
the stress level of many people also grow. Thus, stress-reliever devices
will still be popular promotional items. Examples of stress-reliever
devices include stress balls and neck pillows which clients can use
to help themselves feel rejuvenated.

Fitness Devices

Many people want to start their year right by staying fit thus one
of the most popular promotion Gifts to give are fitness-related
promotional items. Examples of practical fitness-related items
include fitness bracelets and exercise mats.

The year 2014 is a promising year for businesses and it is important
for businesses to use these popular promotional Gifts to promote
their business to their clients and improve their sales lead.

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Great Promotional Gift ideas for the Medical Industry

We have assembled a list of great Promotional Gift ideas for anyone in the Medical

Promo Gifts

Not sure about how effective promotional merchandise is a marketing strategy,
see here

A Promotional Gifts Checklist- How to make ordering them as simple as possible

If you are put in charge of selecting and ordering Promotional-Gifts-for-Business
promotional gifts you may be worried about the process.
It is not difficult to choose and order promotional
gifts if you keep a few things in mind. The following
criteria can easily be made into a checklist that can
stream line the ordering process and ensure that you
do not make any mistakes that can jeopardize the success
of your company’s promotional gift campaign.

Don’t just pick one item
It is important for you to pick several different items that
could serve as potential promotional gifts. While most reputable
companies will be able to supply you with the items that you need
but there is always the chance that an item you want may be temporarily unavailable.
Coming up with several different alternatives can take the stress out
of the ordering process since you already know what you will need to
do if your preferred selection is not available for some reason.

Proofread any information that will be printed on your items
Once you know which items you will want to order it is time to consider
personalization. Most promotional gifts are personalized in some ways.
Many times, they will be printed with a company’s name, contact
information and, in some cases, logo as well.
You need to make sure that you write out what will be printed on the items.
It needs to be proofread carefully. If you are unsure, show the
proof to another person and have them look at it.

This can help you avoid costly engraving or printing mistakes.

You may want to ask the company
you are dealing with for a proof. This can be a good idea.
By doing so, you know that the information they are putting
on the items is correct. It is amazing how many people do not
read the proof and then end up with misprints and other problems.
Remember: if spelling is not your strong suit you should
consider having someone else take a look at it.

Double check ordering terms
Before you finalize your order, check the ordering terms.
These can vary quite a bit from company to company.
You want to double check the number of items you have ordered.
Just like problems with spelling, problems with quantity mistakes
can be devastating. There is nothing worse than discovering
that you have forgotten or added a zero in your order.

You do not want to be swamped with excess items but you
also do not want to come up short either. You need to remember
that when an item has been personalized it will
generally be impossible to return it.

Check timelines
It is important to think about timelines when ordering promotional gifts.
Will there be enough time for the items to arrive? You want to make
sure that you do not end up waiting on your items simply because
you did not order them soon enough. If you do not think they will
be here in time you may want to look into how much it will
cost to put a rush on your order.

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How to choose Promotional Gifts that will get noticed

If you are trying to pick promotional gifts to ensure your Promotional-Gifts-for-Business
company gets the attention it deserves, there are a few things
that you need to look for. By making sure that the gifts you
choose have at least some of these qualities there is a better
chance that they will get noticed by the widest range of
potential clients possible.

Choose Unique Items
If you want to make sure that the gifts you are
getting are noticed, make sure that they
are as unique as possible.

Everyone has seen a desk container filled with preprinted
pens but if you choose a pen that is a unique color or size, or it has added features
such as a highlighter built into it, it will often stick out more. If you send out the
gifts that everyone wants to use, you will end up getting more bang for your buck
since your company name and information will be seen by a larger number of people.

Choose High Quality Items
Even if you are sending out items that are fairly common, such as shirts, look for
good quality in the items that you purchase. Everyone has that one shirt that was
given to them as a promotional gift that is such good quality or which is so stylish
that they love to wear it. This means that people will sit up and take notice and
this may just increase your customer base more than a run of the mill or poor quality item will.

Choose Items Which Have A Large Printable Surface
Because promotional gifts are all about visibility, choosing items which have a large
printable surface can be a good idea. This means that your company name and logo will
be more visible. In the end, this means that people may be able to see your name and
logo from further away. Again, this means that you may be able to attract more than
one customer at a time from the same promotional item.

It is not hard to choose items that are better suited for use as promotional items.
By looking for unique items that are high in quality and which offer room for you to
print your name and information in a fairly large format you will end up with a
strong promotional tool that will help you increase your customer base quickly and easily.
Using a company that has experience in providing these kinds of items means that
you may be able to consult with staff about which items are the most popular
and which have been most successful for their clients.

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How to personalize Promotional Gifts

If you are offering promotional gifts to potential and existing clients, Promotional-Gifts
personalizing them can be a nice touch. However, many people may
wonder how to go about doing this in an affordable way.
It is not hard,  if you use some creativity.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to make
the promotional gifts you are offering a little more personal.

Print Or Engrave Names On Items
Some companies will allow you to print or engrave a name
on the promotional gifts you are ordering.
This can work well, especially if you are ordering a smaller number
of items at one time and you know who will be receiving them.

If you do want to go this route, find out what costs will be added on
and decide whether that will fit your budget. If you are ordering
a larger number of items, consider having the printing
or engraving performed after they arrive.

Choose Gifts That Suit The Recipients
This can be expensive but it does not have to be if you choose carefully.
Consider choosing gifts that reflect the recipient’s tastes or the work that they do.
For example, if you know that your client enjoys golf or other sports, consider
getting items that you know they will use and appreciate. If possible,
choosing items that are inexpensive will make it easier for you to order
more than one type of promotional gift to offer customers and potential clients.

Consider Packaging Gifts Together
If you are ordering multiple gifts, think about ordering ones that follow
a common theme. A good example is desk gifts. You can always order
printed mouse pads, note pads and pens or other writing implements.
Then, you can package several of these items together.
This can also tailor your gifts for different recipients.

If, for example, you know that one person uses a computer more frequently,
you can always put more computer-related gifts into their gift basket. Someone
who does more work with a pen and paper may lean more towards appreciating
a quality writing implement and a unique or easily portable note pad.

There are ways that you can personalize the promotional gifts that you are offering
without adding to the cost of the gifts themselves. If you keep notes about promotional
gifts that you have received in the past you will be able to look over them and
choose items similar to the ones that stood out for you. This can be a great way
of ensuring that your gifts are well received by the people you are giving them to.

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How to use Promotional Gifts to show your company’s love for the Environment

If your company has a commitment to green technology Promotional-Gifts-for-Business
and the environment, why not let your promotional gifts
reflect that? Promotional gifts that are ecologically
responsible can send a powerful message about your
company especially if they are durable and well made.

Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider.

Items Made From Recycled Materials
Items made from recycled materials can often be great choices
as promotional gifts.

Items such as plastic bottles can be recycled into textiles that are surprisingly
rich, soft and durable. Other recycled materials may be used as mouse pads,
writing pads and purses or bags. Just make sure that the items are as good
looking and well made as possible. The last thing you want is for your
promotional gifts to look cheap or shoddy.

Reusable Water Bottles
A massive number of disposable plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year.
Many bottles that should have been recycled end up being thrown away instead and
this is causing a massive problem since plastic takes so long to break down and can
cause a large amount of pollution as it does.

Choosing to give your customers reusable water bottles means that they can not only save money
on bottled water but also can avoid throwing away plastic bottles. Great bottles are easy to clean and
are not made of plastic that will release harmful chemicals into the water that they hold.

Reusable Coffee Mugs
Like reusable water bottles, coffee mugs that can be used again and again can help the environment
and cut down on the cost of bringing coffee on your daily commute. They also reduce the number of
Styrofoam or paper cups that are thrown away once people are finished with their hot beverages.

If you want to choose a reusable coffee mug that is guaranteed to be functional as well as
environmentally responsible, look for ones that insulate the beverage inside and which can be
reheated easily either because of a non-metal insert or because they are made of a microwave-safe material.

By choosing items that are good for the environment, you are guaranteed to get your company
noticed in a way that is very beneficial to your reputation.

These can be great gifts if you are working for a company that is promoting green technologies
or which is trying to cultivate a reputation for being environmentally conscious.

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What you need to know about ordering Promotional Gifts

Using promotional gifts to promote your company can be a fantastic Promotional-Merchandise
way to get your name known more widely. However many companies are
nervous about handing them out because they think that there may be
hidden catches that will make the entire process overly complicated.

It does not have to be. If you keep the following information
in mind you will be able to order the gifts you want confidently
and you will not need to worry that you will make costly mistakes.

Many people look at websites from companies that offer
promotional gifts and find the pricing scheme confusing.

How can the same item have multiple prices?
The fact is that many companies offering items for personalization will
be able to offer you a better price if you order a larger number of items.
You need to decide how many items you will need and
think about whether it is cost effective or not.

When calculating the final cost for your items, make sure you factor in shipping and the price of any personalization. There may be an additional cost for engraving or embroidery so you
need to look into this when you are placing your order.

Also look to see if there are any minimum amounts that you need to spend so that
you do not incur any minimum order charges. These can really add to the cost of
your items and may end up breaking your budget so it is worthwhile to look at this
before you place your order.

Time Frame
If you are having items personalized you need to be aware that it will take some time to have this done.
You need to make sure that you are leaving enough time between when you order the promotional gifts
and when you will be handing them out. You also need to make sure that you factor in shipping times.
It can cost more money to have rush shipping so try and allow for enough time that they can
be shipped through normal means.

You want to make sure that if you need a large number of items for promotional gifts that
you deal with a company that can supply you with the quantities that you need.
There is nothing worse than contacting a company only to find that they can give you a portion of what you need.
This may mean that you are left short or that you will need to offer more than one kind of promotional gift
which may not be something you are interested in.

It can be helpful to find a company that offers a good support department.
Being able to speak with someone in person can make it much
easier for you to get the items you need at an affordable price.

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Planning Checklist- What you need to plan for when ordering Promotional Gifts

If you are ordering promotional gifts, having a Promotional-Gifts
checklist to follow can be very helpful.

This way you can ensure that you get the gifts you want at a
price that you can afford and order them in more than enough
time to ensure that they arrive before your event or
advertising campaign begins.

Here are things that you need to look into:

>Determine Your Budget
You have to first determine what your budget will be so that you know
how much money you have to spend before you begin shopping.
The last thing you want is to order gifts only to find out that the total
cost is more than you can afford to spend. You need to ensure
that you are including item costs, personalization costs and
delivery fees when you do go shopping.

Choose the Website you will Use
You need to choose the website that you will use to order your promotional gifts.
Make sure that the website you choose has a good selection of different
items to choose from and a choice of personalization methods as well.

Determine Time Frames
You need to determine the time frames you are working in.
This is important because you need to make sure that you are ordering far
enough in advance that you can select the gifts you want to buy, have them
personalized and then get them shipped well ahead of time. The last thing you
want to have to worry about is whether or not the items you have ordered will be
there in time for any events that you are planning.

Determine what will go on the Promotional Gifts
This is important. You need to decide whether you will be putting your company
name and contact information on the gifts you are handing out. You may also want to use
your company logo as well. The amount of information you want to put on the gifts you are handing
out will depend on how much surface space is available. The amount if information you will be able
to put on a pen, for example, is going to be much less than the amount of information
you could print on a hat, shirt or bag.

Think about how you want to distribute Your Promotional Gifts
You need to think about how you want to distribute the promotional gifts you are handing out.
This can help you ensure that you have any extra items that will be needed. For example,
if you are including promotional gifts as part of a gift basket you will need to make sure you
have the other items and packaging that you will require. This can be especially important
if you are handing out a large number of promotional gifts to your customers.

By considering the items above you will be able to get rid of the stress and
confusion that can surround the giving of promotional gifts.

A smooth gift giving process may be just what you need to
make your promotional campaign a success.

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How to save money when ordering Promotional Gifts for your business

There are many websites that offer promotional gifts and it can  Promotional-Gifts-for-Business
be difficult to wade through them in order to find
what you are looking for.

If you do not know what to look at and to look for you may
make mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money.

You may end up ordering the wrong items or you may
end up racking up heavy personalization and shipping costs.
If you know what to look for, you can avoid making the kind of
errors that can ruin your budget and end up wasting your
valuable time. Here are a few things that you need to look for specifically.

Price Per Unit
If you are buying promotional gifts in large numbers you want to look at the price
per unit that is being advertised. Often, it is less expensive to buy items in larger quantities
but you need to pay attention to any changes in the price per unit.

You may be able to save a substantial amount of money on personalization
and on the items themselves if you buy even a few items more than you would have otherwise.

If you are ordering a very small number of items, you may also want to make sure that
there will not be any additional charges. Some sites will have a minimum order that needs
to be placed or there will be additional charges or fees. This may also affect the price of
your items and may change how many items you order.

Item Descriptions
Reading the descriptions of the items is very important and you need to make sure that you
take as much time as possible to do so. You want to ensure that the dimensions are in line with
the size of item you want to give and it can be a good idea to check out what the items are made
from and what colors you can choose from. Remember to check and see if there is any price
difference depending on what color you order as there may be a higher price for certain colors.

You should also see how the items are personalized as this can change which items you will pick
for your promotional gifts. The last thing you want is to think that an item will have your
information embroidered on it only to find out that it has been printed instead.

Taking the time to learn as much as possible about the promotional gifts you are
ordering will ensure that you are completely satisfied and that you
can keep within your company’s budget.

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