How Branded Merchandise used as Promotional Gifts can help Boost Marketing Strategies

With the intense competition  present among businesses today, Promotional-Items-2
it is important for entrepreneurs to  find cost-effective marketing
strategies to promote their business.

Aside from the conventional promotions like TV and print ads,
giving out branded merchandises as promotional gifts is considered
as  one of the best ways to boost marketing strategies.

The  reason why branded merchandises are great Promotional
Gifts is that businesses can build their brand as well as customer loyalty.
In fact, giving away branded merchandises in the form of promotional gifts
is a clear indication of how companies value their customers.

The thing is that promotional gifts do not only help build brands but they
also build relationships between all stakeholders within the industry
– business owner, suppliers, employees and customers.

So how do branded merchandises given as promotional gift helps business?
Here are some of the important statistics that every entrepreneur should know.

Promo Gifts help improve Sales Response

Giving promotional gifts help companies boost sales response from customers by as much as 75%. In fact, 62% of  the customers claimed that they do business with companies  that have given then promotional gifts.  One can never underestimate the power of promotional gifts. In recent surveys, it has found out that  promotional gifts have better client response rate compared with sales letters and other marketing strategies.

Promo Gifts help improve Brand recall

Promotional gifts help promote brand awareness of clients. In fact 39% of customers who receive branded merchandises as promotional gifts can recall the advertiser and company within six months after receiving the item.  By being able to recall the advertiser, it increases the likelihood of customers to do repeat transactions with a particular business.

Promo Gifts Promotes Passive Advertising

Passive advertising  is one of the most effective ways for businesses to be able to reach out to their clients and what better way to do it than to use branded merchandises as promotional products. In fact, giving away promotional gifts get 22% more referrals from their previous clients than those who do not employ such strategy. When branded merchandises are given proper logos and labeling to promote businesses, it can attract the attention from a lot of people including those who have not done any transactions with a particular business. Moreover, as a way of saying their thanks, 14% of customers who were given promotional gifts  are willing to provide sales lead to other people.

The thing is that promotional gifts are very important marketing strategies that entrepreneurs employ for their businesses and if you are one of the many entrepreneurs who are still thinking about taking on this marketing strategy, then it is time that you use it to promote your business.

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Why use these Promotional Gifts to promote your Business?
If you are looking to create a marketing strategy that is long lasting and effective,
then Promotional Gifts are a fantastic way to promote your Business.

  • By giving gifts it will generate immediate good will towards your business.
  • Branded Gifts will increase your Business profile by exposing your brand to a wider audience.
  • The promotional effect created will tend to last longer than other marketing strategies providing a positive
    return on your investment.


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