Metal Mobile Phone holder in the shape of a lawn chair

A good promotional product is one that your 
customers will use continuously.

We’ve all been in situation in the office or the house,
searching “where’s my phone”, even ringing from
another phone to try and find it.

This metal mobile phone holder is a great useful novelty item that can
be kept on your customers’ desk with the phone sitting in front
of your client, safe and easy to fine.

The user will get use to using it every day, as that’s the spot for their phone
With your branding on the chair your customers are exposed to your branding every day,
perhaps several times a day. This miniature metal lawn chair is the
perfect desk accessory for a mobile phone.

Product specifications
Print size 4 x 2
Size 14,0 x 7,7 x 9,0

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Shipping Details: This Promotional item can be shipped worldwide.

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