Monster Headphones, a great practical Promotional Gift idea

With the increase in smart phones and I phones,
everyone is using their phones to surf the net,
Skype people, listen to music, you tube,
movies and even TV.

You can’t sit on the tube or bus or in an airport with
music or a movie blasting out sound.
Everyone at some time needs a good set of ear phones.
A good quality headphone set is something that everyone
can use, to optimise the pleasure from their phones and media devices.

They also help in keeping the noise level down from people around you,
when you’re listening to something. These can of course be
used in any item that takes a standard jack
The 4 cms ear plug is very comfortable and offers great sound while also
assisting in reducing noise from around you.


The benefits of using earphones as a promotional item.  
Your customer is wearing your branding, it’ how cool is that, they are highly
visible to everyone and it is reusable.  It’s different because of the size of the
ear plugs, and is a great talking item with others, as you can expect to be asked “can I try them?”

An unusual but practical and highly visible promotional item that will be use time and time again,
both in the home, in  work  and in public.

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Shipping Details: This Promotional item can be shipped worldwide.

Why use these Promotional Gifts to promote your Business?

If you are looking to create a marketing strategy that is long lasting and effective,
then Promotional Gifts are a fantastic way to promote your Business.

  • By giving gifts it will generate immediate good will towards your business.
  • Branded Gifts will increase your Business profile by exposing your brand to a wider audience.
  • The promotional effect created will tend to last longer than other marketing strategies providing a positive
    return on your investment.


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