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Apt Brochures bring Skyrocketing Business Prospects

Brochures are used by companies to advertise their products and to subsequently get their targeted customers.
The design of a brochure depends upon the function that it ought to undertake.
It is the target audience that forms one of the most important factors in brochure design printing.

Types of brochures available for you

The brochures have two major functions and the type depends on them.
The goal and aim of the brochure design will depend on the function that you envisage for your brochure.

  • The first type of brochure is the one that will be displayed in the racks for the audience that has no knowledge about your company or products.
    This brochure will have bulleted points with lot of blank space.
    It requires the customer to make a phone call, clip a coupon, reach a destination or mail a reply so that you can contact the customer.
    This brochure should be a sketch of your business but should not give out all the details.
    Let the customer yearn for more and contact you.
  • The second type of brochure is for customers who know about your company and products but would require complete details and specifications.
    This type of brochure can be stuffed with all the information that the customer is looking for.
    This type of brochure should not be displayed on the rack or given to any passerby.
    That will turn them ‘off’ to your product as they may not be interested to read too much of the details.

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The secret of a good brochure

The brochure is not only a marketing tool but also a work of art that will attract the audience from its place in the rack.
It should be able to rouse the interest of the audience so much that they are compelled to seek more information and ultimately become your clients.

  • Objectives:
    The objective of a brochure ultimately decides its design.
    The best brochures fulfill three main objectives – emotional, behavioral and learning.
    When objectives are met, the brochure gets compatible with its audience and will thus fetch out the target audience quite easily.
  • The text:
    The text on the brochure determines its success.
    The text should be carefully chosen and formatted.
    There has to be adequate blank space.
    The text has to be bulleted or bold so that the reader can scan it quickly.
    Don’t use all capital letters as they decrease the response rate and it is difficult to read the text.
    Power words like result, easy, proven etc can bring better response.
  • Use images carefully:
    There is no need to put too many images to attract people.
    One or two great images will do the trick.
  • Cover:
    The cover of the brochure and its design are the first things that will seek attention.
    Therefore, it is important that the cover is designed well with very few words.
    Color and idea are the major factors which should compel the audience to read the brochure.

If these few things are borne in mind, then your company brochure will be able to catch the imagination and attention of its audience and your business is all set to bloom.

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