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Compliment Your Customers with a Compliment Slip

Everyone loves to be complimented and that increases his love and respect for the complement giver.
The same holds true when a customer or prospective customer gets compliment slip from the company.
This increases their bond with the company and he becomes a loyal customer for ever.
If you are trying to strengthen your bond with your clients, compliment slips are one of the best means to do so.

What is a compliment slip?

The compliment slip is a small slip that has the name and logo of the company printed on it with a blank space to write a personalized message.
At the bottom of the slip, ‘Best Compliment From – {the sender name}’ is always printed.
These slips are sent along with the quotations, information and purchases that are made by the customers.

These small slips help you take big strides in your business.
When the Customer or may be a casual information seeker gets a compliment slip from the company with a hand written note, his interest in that company increases manifolds.
He realizes that the company will look after his interests once he becomes their customer.
The compliment slips are the informal reply to any query. The compliment slips can’t be used for any legal purpose.

Compliment slip sizes

As the compliment slips are mostly used for informal purposes and replies, there is no standard size recommended for them. The sizes may vary according to the message that has to be incorporated and according to the standard followed by the particular company. The size may vary from the size of business cards to A5 or A6 size. The most suitable size would be the one, which can be placed inside the envelope in one fold.

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Advantage of compliment slips

Besides giving a personal touch to the replies sent for enquiry made by the customers, the compliment slips have the following advantages:

  • It shows the professionalism, trust and credibility of the company that sends the compliment slips.
  • It works as a promotional tool for your company.
  • Compliment slips give an extra edge over the rivals and competitors.
  • They can’t be used for legal purpose and therefore it can be used for advertising the product without worrying about the legal hassles.
  • These slips are more petite than the business cards but have all the contact details which can actually accentuate your business.
  • They are mostly small and can fit in the wallet like the business cards.

The compliment slips can show your acknowledging nature and it leaves a permanent impression on the minds of the people who receive them. Well designed and printed compliment slips can speak volumes and will help you in getting more business.

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