Letter Headed Paper

Letterheads Represent the Personality of Your Business

The letterheads hold the same value as the business identity and logo.
A letter headed paper acts as a legal document that can represent your company.
All the memorandums, business transactions and dealing with employees take place through the letterheads and therefore it is important that it is designed and printed in a professional manner.
The information printed on the letterhead should be the updated one in which all your business contact information is available.

The letterhead should be without any mistake as it will be both used externally and internally.
Moreover, the letterhead is an official document therefore it should demonstrate your company’s standard and business acumen.

There are many designs available for the letterhead so you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirement.
The printing of the letterhead should be done with extreme care as it will reflect your company in the market. Sloppily designed and printed letterhead is enough to downgrade your business.

Functions of a letterhead

The letter head is used for many purposes like

  • It can create a brand image for your company among the other corporate entities.
  • It helps to capture and retain clients and customers.
  • It is used to send letter to other organizations and for official correspondence with other corporate houses.
  • The business proposals are always sent on business letterheads.
  • The appointment of employees and vendors are made on letterheads.
  • The letterhead is required for sending quotations and purchasing inventory.
  • The letterhead is also an important legal document on which all the policies of the company and their amendments are printed.

Few tips for having effective letterheads

There are a few elements which should be taken into account if the letterhead has to become effective and professional.

  • Paper:
    The paper that is used is the first impression that the company gives to the recipient.
    The paper used by the corporate houses is mostly bond paper but to make it more effective and impressionable, one can use hand made paper that is eco-friendly. Textured paper can be another option for letterhead printing.
  • Font size:
    The font size of the letter head should be such that it is easily readable.
    The font size should co-relate to the matter that is printed, but it should be clear for the reader to read it easily.
    The spellings should also be checked otherwise it will give a very bad impression to the receiver about your company.
  • Color:
    The color of the letterhead should go with the overall color of your company’s message and other stationery.
    The font color should also complement your marketing message.
  • Logo:
    The logo of your company should be clearly printed and visible.
    It should not be smudged and the motto should be read easily.
    The logo will let people familiarize with your company and your business will boom.
  • Contact details:
    Make sure that the contact details printed on the letterhead is the latest one so that you can be contacted at the earliest.
    The contact phone number should be the latest one and any change in the contact detail should be immediately updated.

A well designed letterhead is a boon to your business so pay attention while getting it printed.

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