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Pad Printing – The Latest in Printing Technology

Pad printing is a relatively new printing process that uses gravure (indirect offset) printing process that can transfer 2-D images into 3-D images.
The pad printing uses a cliché (which is a printing plate) and the images are transferred from it via silicon pads on to the substance that has to be printed.
It can print on surfaces which are uneven or curved without any problem.
The pad printing has made brand marketing more effective as brands can use any material like golf balls, pens and other items as promotional items.

Requirements for pad printing

Pad printing requires a few materials that are not required by other printing processes.
One of the important requirements is the image or the artwork that is quite specialized.
The film positive is produced from the artwork. It is then used for the print.
The printing plate is called cliché on which the image is etched.
The pad printing machine picks the image from the cliché and prints it on to the surface where the printing is to be done.
The silicone rubber pad and special pad printing ink are also needed.

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Unique features of pad printing

The pad printing is quite different than the normal offset printing.
Pad printing has improved the printing process a lot.

  • There are more ranges for the product designers as they can now print on curved, convex, concave and recessed surfaces.
  • Pad printing enables printing on surfaces and materials which was not possible through screen printing and hot stamping.
  • It is quicker to print through pad printing as it does not require drying up while doing multicolor printing.
  • It can print on 3 dimensional objects as a 90 degree wraparound.
  • It can print on delicate items like contact lens and medical as well as surgical equipments.
  • It is a comparatively cheaper means of printing.

The merits of pad printing

There are many advantages of pad printing over the traditional printing processes.
Some of the merits of pad printing are:

  • Printing can be done on many substrate and variety of materials like ceramic, glass and metal.
  • Pad printing has the ability to print fine details as resolution is better than traditional printing.
  • Pad printing requires less maintenance and its handling is easier than other printing machines.
  • The multicolor, wet on wet printing allows quick printing that saves a lot valuable time.
  • The setting up of pad printing requires very less space.
  • The drying cost is very less as drying can be done at room temperature.

Pad printing can improve the marketing of any business house by printing promotional items.
These unique and novel promotional items can set apart your business from your competitors thus making you the ultimate leader in your niche market.

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