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Besides advertising your products online, you can boost your business profits through scratch cards.
Scratch cards are irresistible and popular among all the age groups.
Some people make more purchase just to collect the scratch cards and increase their chance of winning a prize.
Scratch cards are easy to play and offer greater chances of hitting the jackpot.
Scratch cards offer prizes such as – cash, discount vouchers, electronic goods, exotic holidays, etc.
The process is very simple.
People only need to buy the product and get their scratch cards.
They then have to scratch it to win prizes.
Fund raising, store opening, gaming, product launch, lottery are various ways in which scratch cards can be used.

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Scratch cards come in a rectangular shape. Scratch cards are an ideal method to promote your brand among new customers.
It generates interest and excitement among existing clients. The goal is to sell more products, so prizes can include vouchers, which offer two products at the price of one, or maybe 5% to 10% discount on a product, free drinks with your product, and so on.
These tips are great to spotlight something you actually want to sell.
The ultimate aim of scratch cards is to encourage people to buy your products and look for various products of your company and thus become more acquainted with the range of your products.
This technique helps to generate more revenue.

Remember that your scratch cards should offer something to everyone.
For example, all the scratch cards cannot have a big jackpot, so offer special discount prize for the customer’s next purchase.

Scratch cards are an important advertising and marketing tool.
Therefore it is advised to print scratch cards through professionally renowned and customer friendly printing company.
We have good experience in this industry.
We can print scratch cards in bulk without compromising on the quality.
We make sure that latex and the label do not peel off on its own.
We also print top-up credit scratch cards following all the security norms.

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