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Promotional Clothing or Apparel is great
for Helping you Build important Brand Awareness

Promotional Clothing is available in various forms, shapes and colors.
The promotional clothing industry has witnessed tremendous growth
over the last ten years. This has also led to a slash in the cost
of T-shirts, polo’s, coats and hats.

A lot of businesses achieve brand promotion with promotional clothing.
It is a great idea to give out coats to your special customers occasionally,
probably once in a year.

You can also distribute customized T-shirts to every attendee at your company’s special event.
With your company’s name, logo and contact information printed on the T –shirts,
every person putting them on will indirectly advertise your business to the rest of the world!

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We can Provide you with a wide range of Promotional Clothing – from golf shirts to executive apparel.
By embroidering your Business Name or Logo on various  forms of Clothing.

If you need custom embroidery or screen printing services,
the promotion specialist are readily available to serve you.

The wide range of promotional clothing to choose from include:

  • Coed Polo Shirts
  • His and Her Ball Caps
  • Coed Denim Shirts
  • Ladies Sweaters
  • Men’s Sweaters
  • His and Her Dress Shirts
  • Vests
  • Men’s and Women’s Coats
  • His and Her Sweaters
  • Student/Youth Sweaters
  • Wind Shirts and Adult/Youth Custom T-Shirts.

Each of these promo clothing items come in a wide array of colors as well as designs to suit your business image.
Select from renowned brands like Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel and Hanes.
The standard of each item is the sort you will be presented with at any department store.

We offer free consultation for any of your promotional needs!

User Specific Graphic Designs for Promotional Clothing


Special attention is paid to each and every order that requires embroidery or printing.
If you so desire, you can furnish us with your business information and logo so that we can include them on any clothing.
Perhaps you are yet to come up with your company logo, you can trust the great skills of our experienced graphics design section to help you come about with a suitable one.
The cost of this service is very little when compared to the quality of service you will obtain.
You can use this logo to serve your future needs for logo imprints on the promotional items.

Promotional Item manufacturers for all your marketing needs – make your choice now!

Our company has been in the promotional/business product industry for the past decade, and has provided satisfactory services to renowned companies such as Tyco, Coca-Cola and Intel.
You can count on us for all your business related promotional clothing needs – our products and prices will suit your company whether it is big or small.
We can also provide you with any large order you may require be it 10,000 polo shirts or 100 T-Shirts.

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