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Promotional magnets provide you a great option of having innovative gifts for your potential customers during your company’s trade fair or special event.
It is a great marketing tool that comes in a variety of sizes and styles and can be customized to suit your company image.

When you send these promotional magnets to your existing clientele, it transforms as a medium to catch the attention of new clients.

Make your choice of the Promotional Magnet

At Promotion Specialists, you gain access to a wide selection of promotional magnets to choose from.

It includes:

  • Calendar Magnets
  • Menu Magnets
  • Informational Magnets
  • Event Schedule Magnets
  • Business Card Magnets
  • Promotional Magnet Uses
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Car Door Magnets
  • Real Estate Magnets
  • Special Discount Magnets

Maximize the benefits

Promotional magnets are a great way to brand your business and come in black and white as well as full color designs.
Designed to be used in different ways, the promotional magnets advertise your company business and big events.
You may incorporate your company logo, tagline or contact information on them.
Your customer gets to see these magnets on their refrigerator or file cabinet everyday and this retains your company products or services in their mind. They can also be used to put up some discount offers for those in possession of it.

Compared to several other promotional products that advertise your business, it is these magnets that are considered more affordable.

At Promotion Specialists, you can order for the magnets in a few hundreds or probably in several thousands.
Whatever is your requirement, the promotion specialists would strive to serve all your needs.
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Competition we encounter

More than a decades experience in this profession has made Promotion Specialists, really very special.
Compared to other competitor sites on the internet, you are offered with better products, services and top quality product workmanship.
Our long years of experience with varied customers from all around the globe, has instilled customer confidence in our products.
You are thus guaranteed the best.

Our services have been extended to leading corporate houses like Coca-Cola, Tyco and Intel.
It doesn’t matter weather your company is a startup organization or a large business establishment.
We will be right there to design those unique promotional magnets which will expand the reach for your potential customers.

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